Shamanic Healing and Counseling

Shamanism is a multiplicity of healing practices and traditions of indigenous peoples which extend throughout the world and back into thousands of years of prehistoric time, and which have in recent decades been adapted for use in our own culture.

The healing process addresses factors pertaining to the past--history of trauma, disrespect, and invalidation; the present--stress, energetic imbalances, and chronic physical, psychological, and spiritual concerns. Most of the healing work can be done long distance as well as in person. All animal consultations are done long distance.

Soul Retrieval

What is a soul retrieval?

The soul retrieval process is an ancient method of finding and returning a part of our essence which may have disappeared due to trauma, injury or shock. It may also fade away due to an environment that did not support us to be fully who we are.

Examples include: surgery, car accidents, loss of a loved one - including a pet, abuse, relocation divorce, unfriendly home, work or school environments. There may have been one even or a series of events that provoked this loss.

How do you know if you need a soul retrieval? Symptoms of soul loss include: a feeling of emptiness, depression, a knowing that you have not felt the same since a particular thing happened in your life, unhelpful behavior patterns that repeat as self sabotage, addictions, difficult relationships, inability to hold a job, or inability to make choices that support you. The Book Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman is an easy read and often supports your sense as to whether this work is for you.

How does the soul retrieval process work? Soul retrievals are usually done in a series of three sessions. The first session is a preparation, which provides information to ready yourself for the soul retreval itself. Homework assignments are given, along with a thorough explanation of the procedure, and how to best prepare for it. In addition, a preliminary healing is done which will contribute to the successful return of the soul part(s). The second session is the soul retrieval, and the third session is a follow-up to discuss the best way to ensure integration of the returned part of the soul. Sessions are usually scheduled at least a week apart, often several weeks, depending on a variety of factors. The first session may be done by phone, if necessary.


An extraction is an energetic expulsion of spiritual intrusions that contribute to ill health or psychological distress. Such intrusions may be the result of difficult relationships, unclear boundaries between people, illness, soul loss, or power loss. In an extraction, something needs to be removed, whereas in a soul retrieval something is brought back. An extraction may be done in conjunction with the soul retrieval process.

Power Animal Retrieval

Power animal retrieval provides an opportunity to reconnect with your own power through an introduction or reacquaintance with an animal spirit. Working with this animal can provide a powerful and empowering experience of remembering one's self and one's place in this world. A power animal retrieval may be considered for those who feel a loss of personal power. It may also be helpful for those who want to connect to the world of spirit in a personal way.

Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic counseling, like other forms of psychological counseling, provides an opportunity to explore personal concerns and gain helpful perspective on specific issues, but it employs as part of its method the age old discipline of the shamanic journey. This form of counseling may be particularly helpful for those who want to access a larger perspective on everyday concerns

Spirit Body Dialogue

Our body holds answers to our discomfort and its dis-ease. If we listen to it, it can speak to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual anguish, and it can do so with remarkable clarity. This guided dialogue sets up this possibility, and provides an experience of a practice that one can later continue for oneself.