When to consider coaching

Most people come to coaching when life change has just happened or is about to happen, or when they are in need of positive change in their life or outlook. For example, when they are feeling stuck; are in transition; feeling there could be more to life; needing support in manifesting a dream; or that their life is out of balance

Coaching focuses on your current situation and on what is asking to shift.

Change can be exciting and also daunting. We often need support to sort out options and variables. And we tend to argue for our limitations and sometimes miss our possibilities.

Coaching is about bringing forward your own knowing, skills, and resources to serve you. It facilitates belief in oneself; and it encourages choices which enrich your life.

It may result in going a new way not fully understood by others. A coach is your cheerleader throughout this process.

Windhorse Life Coaching

* investigates what's next
* uncovers your knowing
* uses creative, fun approaches
* supports your choices
* surpasses "limitations"

Energy tools are also suggested when needed to aid in moving forward and working with obstacles.

Sessions may draw upon traditional methods as well as contemporary creative approaches. A mutual goal of steady choices and ways forward are explored from your needs and intentions.

Prepare to be surprised, relieved, energized and delighted!

How does it work

1 Initial 1.5 hour session (in person, if possible) to determine your goals for this work and decide details of coaching arrangement; and to begin the coaching.

2 Subsequent sessions, usually by phone of half hour weekly or biweekly.

3 Duration of coaching is dependent on goals and amount of support you wish.

4 Follow up half hour or one hour sessions is available as needed.

5 Most sessions conclude with an assignment to consider between sessions.

Windhorse Consulting LLC
Julie Soquet MA, MIM

Windhorse Consulting began in 1992 in Arlington, MA to provide consulting services in business, healing, and workshop delivery.

Julie Soquet MA, MIM, has been coaching formally for the past ten years. She received her training and certificate of study from The Coaches Institute of San Rafael, CA. She enjoys her work, especially as she sees the changes it facilitates in the outlooks and lives of her clients.

Julie is a student and teacher in the Tibetan Shambhala Warrior tradition, and has studied shamanic methodologies extensively. She has worked in corporate and academic settings here and abroad. Julie was also immersed in intercultural communication and training for many years.