Julie Soquet is a shamanic practitioner, life coach, and workshop developer and facilitator. She is a graduate of the Michael Harner three year program in Shamanic Healing and Methodology, and has studied with Mayan and Malaysian healers in Belize and Borneo, and with Brazilian/Peruvian shamans. Her private shamanic healing practice, Windhorse Consulting, is located in Hinesburg, Vermont, where she works with both people and animals. She is also a student and practitioner of the Tibetan tradition of Shambhala, Sacred Path of the Warrior.

Windhorse Consulting LLC began in 1992 in Arlington, MA as a way to serve people needing consulting services in business, healing and workshop delivery. With many years of experience in domestic and international management consulting, training and development, Julie also leads organizational interventions when conflict and lack of communication challenge best practices and a healthy work environment.

Julie is a personal and professional life coach who assists individuals to define what they are wanting and to find the pathway to that end. She is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute and works primarily with transitions, spiritual yearning and connection, chronic illness challenges and helping to bring forth what matters most for each person or each situation. She works with individuals, couples, groups and work teams.

An animal communicator, Julie has worked and trained with Penelope Smith, international interspecies consultant, lecturer, author and workshop leader.

For more information, contact Julie at (802) 482 5251 or julie (at) juliesoquet (dot) com